Content is King
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Content Management & Copywriting

What makes your website found over other websites?  Content.  Content which is directed at what the user wants.  Well structured and relevant content is prime search engine fodder! Which is what your website needs! Search engines are constantly crawling the web looking for new content. Our copy writer produces rich web content full of relevant keywords to describe your services or products. Keywords that Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines are being requested to find by users.

We have collectively:

  • .  Extensive knowledge of both online and offline media environments
  • .  An eye for detail & high standards

We can produce:

  • .  Quality written content for websites, blogs, social media & promotional material
  • .  Newsletters, marketing copy and press releases
  • .  New content or refresh existing content

We can skillfully:

  • .  Communicate your product or service to its target audience
  • .  Format & prepare newsletters for distribution to their database
  • .  Plan and prepare promotional material including proofing, editing and research
  • .  Update website information with promotional activities & news items



Content Management & Blogging News

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