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Social Media & Web Workshops

Never sent out a tweet? Have no idea about a Facebook fan pages? TOLRAnet conduct online social media training & workshops via Skype, Hangouts or your preferred conferencing system, with optional remote desktop support. These are designed for the novice or the inexperienced. Join our hands-on workshops and we will give you all the skills you will need to build, implement and manage your social media plan.

Want to learn how you can effectively use social media to achieve your vision and make your big idea happen? Our Internet and Social Media training workshops can be customised to meet the specific needs of your business. Our workshops will provide an introduction to social media, the opportunities it presents, and how social media platforms create engagement and interaction with your business or social organisation.

We can't go backwards & we can't stagnate. Social media is here to stay and whether you agree or disagree with it and how it will fit with your business - you do need to know what the social media is all about!

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Some of the things we cover are:

  •   What is social media and why it's important to your business
  •   Introduction to social media platforms
  •   Understanding the power of social networking and word-of-mouth online
  •   How social media will affect your brand
  •   Dealing with negative publicity
  •   Identifying products & services that benefit using social media
  •   Targeting updates on social media platforms, like Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, YouTube etc
  •   Social media etiquette so your accounts are prevented from being banned

Remote Workshops

We can help you with one-on-one remote training sessions or workshops.  We'll remotely log into your computer and share control of it with you.   We will remotely take you through your training session and then put you in the drivers seat while we monitor what you do.  This is a fantastic way to get hands on experience on your own computer.

Workshop Hangouts

We use the power of Google Hangouts to conduct workshops.  Hangouts are a great way to webcam  with either one or several people in a group.  We'll arrange a date & time to conduct the workshop, you arrange for your group to turn up. Those attending will need a Google or Gmail account (we can help you with this).

Remote Training
Hangout Workshops

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