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We’re Relocating Studios

We’re Relocating Studios

23 Oct 2013

We seem to be always doing big things lately! This time we’re moving studio’s for a while.

If you’re new to our camp, you may not be aware that we have studios in England & Western Australia. For the past few years we have been located at our Aussie studio, but now we need to man our UK studio for a while. So we’ve packed away our shorts and t-shirts & opted for gloves & scarves.

We’ll soon be issuing a newsletter to let you know more. However, nothing has changed. Our Aussie clients will still get to webcam with us. You wont be paying international rates for phone calls, just the price of a local call. We’ll also still be available when you need us. Nothing changes – except our phone number & address, and where we are sitting. (one of the great things about the Internet!)

However…. for the next week while we are relocating, we will be closing office while everything swaps over. You can still contact us via email, social networks, webcam or hangouts – 24/7. (we will be issuing new office hours early next week).

We are currently booked out until December, so you have time to think about that "new” website before the New Year comes. 2014 is creeping up fast! Is your website going to be a responsive layout for mobile & TV devices? Or are you still going to have viewers ‘pinching & spreading’ your website to read it on a mobile phone?

Catch up with you all again REAL soon!

Paul & Cindy



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