Over 15 years of producing quality websites.
Over a decade in the social media world.

Cindy Arlott

Visual Design & Production

So who's managing your website and it's production? When Cindy isn't designing websites and following the social media scene, she' keeping everyone organized and on time!  Cindy will be working pro-actively on your project. Cindy is the design & social media side of TOLRAnet.

Cindy is the founder of Attitude e-media, which was formed in 2001.  In 2003 she started doing contract work with Paul Arlott at TOLRA Microsystems Ltd, and in 2013 married him.  In June 2013 the design & development sections of Attitude e-media were partnered with TOLRA Microsystems, and a new web design & development studio was born, TOLRAnet UK & TOLRAnet Australia.  Attitude e-media is now the community & web news section. 

Skills & Expertise

In 2001 Cindy relocated back to Australia from Canada and established herself & Attitude e-media in Mandurah.  She also went on to include Absolutely Australia and 2 successful directories. Cindy loves the flexibility her job allows for her to travel & be mobile, so it's important to Cindy that websites are compatible with mobile devices. Cindy's formal training is in Film & Media Design, and started her web career after working at a local newspaper.

Cindy Prosser

And After Hours?

Cindy has harnessed the use of mobile technology and has been able to free herself from the traditional office desk while maintaining a high level of customer service.  When Cindy is not chained to her desk and the web, she can be found photographing the world around her, playing with her dog, or travelling the World with her husband.

Cindy Prosser