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Paul Arlott

Development & Systems Admin

Paul is our man of many hats! He covers our web hosting, domain registration, web development and #1 trouble shooter! If it's broke & we're left scratching our heads, he fixes it!

Paul Arlott founded TOLRA Micro Systems Ltd (UK) in 1997 and has a holistic approach to developing websites and building network infrastructures, understanding the need for industry standards and requirements laid out by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Paul was one of the first developers to build an accessible directory to industry standards, which is still being used by some of the major online directories.  Paul believes in building light weight flexible websites which are engineered to survive compatibility challenges and intermittent or slow service connections.

In 2003 Paul started doing contract work with Cindy from Attitude e-media, and in 2013 married her.  In June 2013 TOLRA Microsystems merged with Attitude e-media to become TOLRAnet Australia & TOLRAnet UK, so they had greater strength & resources.

Skills & Expertise

Paul began his career in the aviation industry (British Aerospace) building functional prototype displays for human factor analysis and was involved in running the trials. He has extensive experience in C/C++ which provided a sound foundation for expanding to PHP and MySQL development which is now almost exclusively his development platform. Paul has gone on to develop clearFusionCMS & the clearFusionSHOP.

Paul Arlott

And After Hours?

Through the exploration and use of mobile technology Paul has been able to free himself from the traditional office desk while maintaining an exemplary level of customer service. He has recently set up all his mobile devices to interact with his server environments so he can operate his business from anywhere there is a wired, WiFi or any type of internet connection. When Paul isn't engrossed in analysing a new technique or technology he can be found in the great outdoors, travelling the World and enjoying all that has to offer.

Paul Arlott