If you build it they will come? Maybe not!
Many components make your website work.

The Web - So what's it all about?

Over the years the Web has grown.  No longer can you throw a website up & expect it to perform.  There are now other factors at play. The web is meant to be accessible to all & it's become an offence if it's not.  We are now viewing websites on small mobile devices such as Google Glass or on Web TV, so your website has to be viewable on both. Websites have to be usable & quickly navigated.  Your website has to rank well in search engines, it also has to be talked about on social media.  These are just an example of some of the web mechanics that go into building your website.

Good Foundations

You will be ticking all the right boxes with our website builds. We take your website to the next level. Search engines [Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.] will love your website. Your users will love your website. Logical navigation will have users finding what they want with the least amount of effort. Code written to W3C standards gives your website, software or application the best chance possible to be accessible, compatible & usable.

Making Websites Usable

Usability is the ease of use and learnability of your website, application or software.  Think of a building's architecture. If it's not drawn to spec., then there is a chance you won't be able to open & close doors.  Your web project is the same.  You have to have good architecture to make sure that everything operates as required. If you don't, the user will move on to the next website that does work properly, and you have lost a potential sale.


Websites need to be Accessible, Usable, Compatible with software & hardware.  Taking shortcuts, loses visitors.


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Optimising Blog images to maximize impact on Social Media and Search
When we share stories & blogs on social media, we need to be visual. We want people to be attracted to article.


Accessible Websites - Why?

Accessible web design refers to the philosophy and practice of designing web pages so that they can be navigated and read by everyone, regardless of location, experience, or the type of technology used. Individuals and organisations who provide goods and services over the Internet need to think about how they make their websites accessible to everyone.

Website Compatibility - Really?

A website should display correctly on all browsers and devices. It may be the first listing in the Google index, but if the website can't be used, then you lose your visitor.  Build your website with a responsive design, so it will respond on most devices & software. Our clearFusionCMS is responsive, so you're half way there already!


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